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Vehicle Accessories

Body Clips & Retainers Body Clips & Retainers    
Part No. Description Price  
RDNA0299 Body Clips, Small Straight, Silver (10pcs) $1.99 Buy
RDNA0300 Body Clips, Sandard Straight, Silver (10pcs) $1.99 Buy
RDNA0301 Body Clips, Sandard Bent, Silver (10pcs) $2.99 Buy
RDNA0302 Body Clips, Large Straight, Silver (10pcs) $2.99 Buy
RDNA0303 Body Clips (10pcs) with Black Retainers (2pcs) $4.80 Buy
RDNA0304 Body Clips (10pcs) with Blue Retainers (2pcs) $4.80 Buy
RDNA0305 Body Clips (10pcs) with Red Retainers (2pcs) $4.80 Buy
RDNA0306 Body Clips (10pcs) with White Retainers (2pcs) $4.80 Buy
RDNA0307 Body Clips (10pcs) with Orange Retainers (2pcs) $4.80 Buy
RDNA0308 Body Clips (10pcs) with Yellow Retainers (2pcs) $4.80 Buy