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Radient Reaktor Brushless Motor ESC Combo

The Radient Reaktor Sensorless Brushless System sets a new standard for value and performance. Capable of handling up to 3s LiPo batteries this system was designed to be an awesome upgrade to your 2WD or 4WD 1/10th scale vehicle.

Radient Reaktor50: 50AMP Electonis Speed Contoller
Radient Brushless 2 or 4-pole Sensorless Motors
Simple • Capable • Safe

50A Electronic Speed Controller

The Radient Reaktor 50 sensor-less, brushless ESC sets a new standard in simplicity, capability and safety. Capable of handling up to 3s LiPo batteries, this 50A system is the ideal solution for upgrading your 2WD or 4WD 1/10th-scale vehicles without downgrading your wallet. All Weather, sensorless, fan-cooled and equipped with 5 programmable features, this ESC was built for the beginner with the durability in mind for a pro. The Reaktor 50 ESC: simple, capable and safe.

2 or 4-Pole Brushless Motors

The Radient Reaktor line of brushless motors has achieved a new level in simplicity, capability and safety. With a sensorless 4-pole design, the Reaktor provides higher torque and increases your vehicle performance. The new all-weather construction increases the durability of an already robust motor. Handling up to a 3s LiPo battery, the Reaktor is the perfect upgrade for your 2WD or 4WD 1/10th-scale vehicle without downgrading your wallet. The Radient Reaktor 4-pole motor: simple, capable and safe.


  • Motor
  • Sensored: No
  • Battery Compatibility: Up to 3s LiPo
  • ESC Compatibility: 50A Minimum
  • Motor Connector: 4mm Bullet
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/8in
  • Size: 540
  • ESC
  • Battery Compatibility: Up to 3s LiPo
  • 2 Pole Motor Limit: 2wd/4wd 3000kV
  • 4 Pole Motor Limit: 2wd 3500kV, 4wd 3000kV
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Program Box: Optional RDNA0032
  • Battery Connector: HCT-Plug
  • Motor Connector: 4mm Bullet
  • Safety Features: Over Temperature Protection